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Acupuncture Treatment and Tumor Immunology

Juan Li OMD China ). MS. L.AC


Malignant, as one of three major diseases of human being death has critically affected human's life.


For so many years three main treatments (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy) are applied for the malignant patient, and interferon have proven to be a useful addition to the treatment of particular forms of cancer. The newer research has proven combination treatment is the best way for the malignant patient.


As over 2000 years history's Acupuncture and oriental medicine has successfully treated many different diseases in Asian. The research between acupuncture treatment, oriental herbal medicine and malignant has been in progress for over 30 years in China . Because oncology (study of tumors) has revealed the tumor biology is similar to and interrelated with the functions of the immune system many research has emphasize on between acupuncture treatment , herbal medicine and tumor immunology. It has been proven that acupuncture and oriental medicine can relieve certain malignant patient's symptoms and improving blood accounting. They also have been applied in clinic as aiding treatment to reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy and strengthen immune function for the malignant patient.


Another thing I need to mention is the ear points. The whole body points reflect in ear which we call ear points. Ear points has played main role for cancer diagnosis. From ear points change like color and shape the diagnosis can been make in most early stage for the cancer patient. The correct rate was 80%<1>. And another report stated that the change of malignant patient in ear points is the cartilage protruding at corresponding area<2>.


In 1986~1989 I had done the research about how acupuncture and oriental herbs adjust cancer patient immune cell (T lymphocytes and their subgroup) as the person in charge with our research team. The result is as following:

1, Cases: Total 41 cases which including 23 lung cancer cases, 7 stomach cancer cases and 4 esophagus cancer cases and 7 other cancer cases. They are all hospitalized patients.

2, acupuncture on points: acupuncture points: Qu Chi, Zu San Li

moxibustion* points: Qi Hai

3, Treatment Term: Daily treatment for 6 days, rest for 1 day. Total for 4 courses.

4, Result: Acupuncture treatment can increase total T lymphocytes, which mainly increase helper T lymphocytes and don't affect immunoglobulin and complement C3 level.

The former research had proven that acupuncture treatment and certain herbs could increase T lymphocytes amount and complement C3 amount <3>. And Dr.Xia…had found acupuncture treatment can increase the T lymphocytes amount and don't change immunoglobulin level which are in normal range before and after the acupuncture treatment <4>. Reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, increase the blood accounting amount which including red cells, lymphocyte for chemotherapy and radiation therapy patients and can prolong (extend) the survive period of certain cancer patients before our research done.



* Moxibustion: herb's name is artemisia folium in English or we call it Moxa. Burning this herb which in stick form to warm the point mean Moxibustion.





<1>. Zao,Yinsseng: < Henan Chinese Medicine> (2):32. 1986

<2>. Nanjin: <Ear Needle> Shanghai publisher 1972

<3>. Zu, Nigong... : < China Acupuncture> (4): 22, 1982

<4>. Xia, Yuqing…: < China Acupuncture> (2):17, 1986




From: Juan Li L.Ac

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