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Typical Cases

Juan Li has treated many different illnesses and has received high accolades from her clients. Many patients, after seeing regular physicians and specialists, reached successful results in her practice. Most of her clients came as a result of her formal clients and medical professional practitioners' referrals.

The following cases have been treated by Dr. Juan Li:

Case 1 : Dermatitis ( eczema )

Main Complaints and medical history : Both lower legs under the knees have been red, itchy and warm for almost two years. The patient has seen dermatologists and has been given a steroid cream to treat the symptoms. The patient has to wear long pants to cover up the lower leg section.

Physical Exam : Both lower legs under the knee levels are red and warm with scratching marks and some scars.

Has dry mouth and is willing to drink cooling water.

Tongue color is dark red, no coating.

Puls: slippery

Diagnosis: Eczema

Type: Downward flow of damp heat

Treatment: Herbal formula by Dr. Juan Li: concentrated granules of Chinese herbs.

Result: Eczema on both legs is all cleared out after taking two bottles of herbs within a period of two months.

Case 2: Neck pain

Main complaints: Constant neck pain with sharp radiation pain. When the patient moves her head, the neck pain will shoot into the right ear area. The patient has experienced these symptoms for six months.

Medical History: The neck pain started six month ago without any traumatic injury. The pain has been so severe that she has regularly seen a physician and two surgeons ; X-ray showed there is no space between the cervical vertebras, meaning the cartilage is lost between the vertebras. Surgery and strong pain medication are not applicable because of the health conditions. She suffers intense neck pain and cannot function regularly. Her family is beginning to consider sending the patient to a nursing home.

Diagnosis: Neck Pain

Treatment: acupuncture treatment with stimulation, twice per week.

Result: Her neck pain has been dramatically reduced after a month of treatments. She only takes one low dose of pain medication before going to sleep. With continuing acupuncture treatments, the patient went back to her normal way of life and remains independent. The patient still continues to have acupuncture treatments.


Case 3: Thrombocytopenia

Main complains: very low energy, especially in afternoon. Skin bruises easily.

Medical History: The patient has been suffering from very low platelet count for about five years, undergoing treatments with prednisone on and off. His lowest platelet count was below 20,000. His skin bruise very easily, and he feels very tired all the time, especially in the afternoon. He often experiences leg cramps, especially at night.

Physical Exam: His face looks pale. His tongue color is dark with thin whit coating. The pulse is wiry.

Diagnosis: Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura

Treatment: 1, Special Chinese herbal formula created by Dr. Juan Li.

2, Acupuncture treatment once a week.

Result: In just four months, the platelet level went up to 126000/ul. In a year, the platelet level went up to 316000/ul, and the patient feels much better as a result. Since the patient started acupuncture treatments, he only took prednisone for one week at the beginning of the treatment term.

The patient is very happy with the result. He feels normal now and is able to do normal, everyday activities.

Case 4: Stroke squeal - pseudobullar palsy

Main complains: Experiences difficulty in swallowing and chokes when drinking liquid.

Medical History: Cerebral thrombosis for one month.

Physical Exam: Horse voice. Look pale and skinny. Nasal tube feeding, indwelling catheter. Left arm muscle strength is two, left leg muscle strength is three. Left pathologic reflex is positive. Uvula stays in the center. Pharyngeal reflex is normal in both sides. Left tendon reflex is hyper-responsive.

Diagnosis: Stroke sequela-pseudobullar palsy

Treatment: Electro-acupuncture treatment once a day from Monday to Friday, rests on Saturday and Sunday.

Result: In five days, the patient is able to eat liquid food, but still chokes. In 12 days, the patient can eat liquid food without choking and took off nasal tub feeding. In 20 days, the patient ate normally. In two months, the patient has fully recovered from the hemiparalysis. In six months, the patient returned to work.

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